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As a bartender of over 30 years in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Nashville and Los Angeles, Bob takes his experiences with people onto the stage in his stand up comedy act based on observational humor.  

His new podcast, “The Bob Dean Show” is a talk show mixing many different guests of all walks of life in conversations about current events, life, love and their jobs and throws it into the comedy blender….it’s like sitting around in the living room talking with friends!

Born in now historic Levittown, Pennsylvania and raised in Nashville, Tennessee… Bob lived in South Florida for many years,and now calls Los Angeles his home  and is loving every minute of it!  Bob is a 13 year volunteer reader to the blind via The Braille Institute in Los Angeles, and works closely with local animal groups as a foster home location.

Twitter: @TheSurlyComic
Instagram: @bobthesurlycomic

Like him on Facebook, too!

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